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Growth or Fixed Mindset

Quiz – Growth or Fixed Mindset
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Your intelligence level is something you’re born with and you can’t do much to change it.
You are a certain kind of person and there isn’t much you can do to change who you are.
You have to be born with a knack for sports in order to do well at them.
It is easier to learn math skills if you are male or you come from a culture that teaches math skills early.
It’s stressful to try new things and I try to avoid it.
People are either nice and kind, or they aren’t. You rarely ever see people change.
Feedback about my performance is hard to take and often makes me frustrated or angry.
While it’s possible to learn and sharpen skills, you can’t change fundamentally how intelligent you are. (
Although you can change things about yourself externally or superficially, you can never really change who you are inside.
If you’re lucky to be really smart, you don’t have to try that hard.
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